Fitzz All

Mobile Health Application

Fitzz all case
Client Background Fitzz All is Dutch startup based in Zwolle, NL with an ambition to support and inspire people from all spheres and backgrounds to have a healthier lifestyle. The two-men innovative company addressed PROBEGIN to create an application that would encourage users to engage in different activities and develop healthy habits. In order to help make a step forward, Fitzz All application lets its users balance their lifestyle suggesting hints to proper nutrition, in-time relaxation, necessary movement and personal development.
Posed Challenge
Freshly forged but smooth collaboration between PROBEGIN and Fitzz All resulted in a user friendly application, both web and mobile, with an appealing and easy to navigate interface and functionality, as well as satisfy needs of a wide audience.

Project Description
PROBEGIN’s team consisting of one Project Manager, 2 Developers and 2 Designers managed to successfully accomplish the project withing a very tight deadline. The process was divided into two stages covering desktop framework development and mobile application visualization so as to align with the corporate identity. Being based on Agile methodology, the work flow was carried out in close iteration- and presentation-bound communication with Fitzz All.

Fitzz-all main screen
Fitzz-all descktop screen
Value Delivered
The collaborative project was successfully completed on time and on budget. PROBEGIN coped with the posed challenges building applications that exceeded client’s expectations and allowed Fitzz All to stay on track with achieving their business goals. Our team proved the ability to meet deadlines and high level of technical competence, and was even able to explain all the developed functionalities to the client as well as make them easily understandable to laymen. You may check the look and feel of the work accomplished by reaching out to the application itself.