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Realtime Register

WHMCS Domain Register Module

Realtime cases case
The PROBEGIN team are truly WHMCS experts. Realtime Register needed an exclusive domain plugin that provides superb integration for WHMCS with our professional domain management system. The goal was to design the best solution known to the industry and they nailed it!Realtime Register
Client Background Realtime Register has been active in the web hosting and domain name industry for more than 10 years and has been ICANN accredited since 2004. They serve over 250,000 clients and resellers and have registered more than 1 million domains. With a team of 100 online professionals, RTR offers a full range of premium products ranging from domain name registration, various hosting products, site builder tools, SSL certificates and more. Being active in over 80 countries, they stand for easy to use and reliable business automation of domain names, combined with a wide range of first class hosting products and support, as essential elements of successful online business for our clients.
Posed Challenge
With partners and clients all over the world, Realtime Register needed to develop an easier way to keep track of their numerous domains. Having encountered certain limitations in WHMCS hosting basics, RTR decided to build an enhanced ultimate WHMCS Domain Module. Specializing in improving the existing functionalities and developing brand new features to expand WHMCS system, PROBEGIN was chosen as a partner to collaborate with in this challenge.

Project Description
Realtime Register needed to expand functionality of WHMCS addon with room for unlimited domains, faster usage and in built synchronization. The project was carried out by 5 PROBEGIN’s experts in one stage with the focus being laid on technical and functional design, development, testing and final checkup.

RTR main screen
RTR desctop screen
Value Delivered
Partnering with Realtime Register, PROBEGIN came up with an ultimate solution aimed to simplify and optimize business processes due to enhanced features and easy to navigate interface. The developed addon ensures simple registration process and domain names management to suit numerous hosting parties.