Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

We help companies to renovate their business processes with Artificial Intelligence programming and Machine Learning applications.

Artificial intellegence

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We use Artificial Intelligence development algorithms to help machines learn the data they are exposed to and, based on this information, make conclusions, simulating human intelligence. PROBEGIN data scientists have profound experience in designing, implementing and integrating artificial intelligence applications tailored to customer needs.

We write machine learning algorithms in different programming languages and use multiple additional libraries, including DeepLearning4J, TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch etc to design cutting-edge real-time data science solutions, chatbots, cybersecurity systems, artificial intelligence websites and much more.

Artificial intellegence software

AI and Machine Learning applications

agile management
  • Real-time data science
  • Machine learning chatbots
  • Automated customer interactions
  • Self-taught analytical tools
  • Deep learning & neural networks
  • Natural language processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Reinforcement learning

Real-time Data Science

Using Machine learning algorithms and AI programming we gather your customers data and provide you with user interaction insights. With this information you can make relevant marketing decisions.

Chatbots and AI in Financial Services

Cloud software development

Based on natural language processing, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are widely used in customer service and sales to automate repeating processes and to make operations more efficient.

Machine learning systems are perfect to recognize different transactions and detect fraud and other criminal activities. We develop solutions that mark corrupt financial activities and alert you about them in real-time.

Industries we serve for


We provide clinics, hospitals, medical organizations with cutting-edge technological solutionsto help them operate more effectively, cost-efficiently, to engage patients, protect PHI and reduce readmission.

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