Big Data and Analytics

Knowing your customers is a key to success. We help our clients to collect, analyze and use their customer information with innovative software, empowered by Big Data technologies and tailored to individual business needs.

Our big data developers are experts in wide range of services, from the installation and configuration of big data gathering tools to the development of big data solutions and customizing reports according to company needs.

We enable you to collect data and analyze it with machine learning and deep learning algorithms in order to process it, store and segment. We also assist you in reports visualization so you have clear understanding of your customer’s behavior, manage it and make strategic decisions.

Big Data programming technologies and tools

  • Hadoop: HBASE, Hive, Pig, Impala, Kafka, Spark, and Storm
  • NoSQL databases, MongoDB
  • Apache SOLR, ElasticSearch
  • Pentaho
  • Qlikview
  • AWS, Google Cloud, and MS Azure

Big Data Strategy

Our experts will help to evaluate your current capabilities and develop a strategy of Big Data tools implementation into your business to pursue your business goals.

Big Data Mining and Aggregation

We bring the variety of Big Data sources together so your company has all information to get right answers.

Big Data Analytics

With hadoop-based analytics and other tools we transform vast amounts of unstructured data into visualized, customizable reports, easy to understand and manage.

Industries we serve for


We provide clinics, hospitals, medical organizations with cutting-edge technological solutionsto help them operate more effectively, cost-efficiently, to engage patients, protect PHI and reduce readmission.

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