Internet of Things Solutions

We help companies to take full advantage of Internet of Things: connected devices and smart business ecosystems in order to boost company productivity.

Internet of things connections

Tailored to your business needs

Here at PROBEGIN we help you integrate IoT instant connectivity into your operations to improve performance. Sensors and remotely controlled workflow will help you to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency.

Our experience covers wide range of Internet of Things software implementations, as well as building connecting solutions for existing IoT application platforms to adjust them to your business needs and systems. We are experts in Internet of Things industrial automation and IoT testing.

dedicated Software development

Device Connectivity

Hosting services devops
We build solutions open for seamless connection and integration with other software, applications and devices by working with multiple communication interfaces and networking protocols, including sensors for data collection and integration.

IoT Tech Stack

Networking protocols

  • NFC;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth Low Energy;
  • 6LowPAN.

IoT friendly languages

IoT Cloud and Blockchain

Cloud based sofware

Our team has experience in working with various cloud IoT platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson for efficient device and data management and Internet of Things automation.

We also deliver and integrate different blockchain-based IoT solutions into your business in order to increase security, efficiency and stay technologically advanced. Applications we develop are reliable and stable due to precise Internet of Things testing.

Industries we serve for


We provide clinics, hospitals, medical organizations with cutting-edge technological solutionsto help them operate more effectively, cost-efficiently, to engage patients, protect PHI and reduce readmission.

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Health industry