Legacy Transformation. Software modernization

We help to modernize large, monolithic legacy applications and migrate them to new platforms, upgrading your systems with new capabilities and valuable functions and reducing operational costs.

PROBEGIN has gained extensive experience in modernizing legacy systems. We transform older software, including mainframe COBOL applications, and change inflexible technologies as well as poorly documented code into innovative, fast solutions.

We reuse legacy interfaces, tools and data that’s still useful, build new functionality according to your business needs, and evolve your applications.

Legacy application modernization

Our key expertises for Legacy application modernization:
  • Legacy Application Re Engineering/Re-Design /Re-Transformation/
  • Mainframe modernization strategy
  • COBOL software modernization
  • Migration to Multiple Data Servers and Databases
  • Migration to Web Platforms
  • Same Platform Migration
  • GUI Migration
  • Application Implementation
  • Application Training & Maintenance and Support

PROBEGIN Legacy Modernization Approaches

Migration and Enhancements is the most popular way to modernize your software. Our outsource software developers conduct system migration (rehosting, moving legacy applications to the cloud) and make some minor enhancements (UI/UX changes, database migration, performance optimization), while core architecture and business logic stay the same.

Correction and Development

If the technology stack is relatively modern, minor enhancements, such as code refactoring, architecture optimization, UI/UX updates might be enough for mainframe legacy modernization. After the solution is updated, more features can be added on top of it.

Complete Software Reengineering

It’s the most complete modernization approach, when our team analyzes your business needs, defines system features that are still crucial for you and those that are not longer used.

We create an innovative product with matching capabilities, but better performance, look/feel, scalable architecture and modern technologies.

Industries we serve for


We provide clinics, hospitals, medical organizations with cutting-edge technological solutionsto help them operate more effectively, cost-efficiently, to engage patients, protect PHI and reduce readmission.

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