Nearshore IT Helpdesk

We offer phone and online outsourced technical support and validation support for software and tech companies, covering your business needs within time and budget.

Dedicated support team

Technical support and maintenance

We create nearshore teams of support specialists, so you can pass these tasks to us and make your operations more efficient. Our skilled engineers and virtual assistants will face technical challenges and fix bugs for your end your clients, solve issues and provide customer service, freeing time of the in-house professionals.

We cover everything from business email correspondence and phone calls to problem solving, software support and server administration. Our team includes experienced software engineers for technical support as well as multilingual validation customer service specialists, ready to assist with your business needs.

IT support helpdesk

Validation and Data Cleansing Services

Software united team
We work by phone or online
  • Customer verification
  • Customer business data update
  • Sales prospect validation
We validate
  • Address, mobile and home phone numbers
  • Residential and Business identification
  • Using different languages (English, French, Spanish)

What professionals can you get

We help your product to succeed by corrective maintenance and bug fixing aimed at software improving and re-engineering to ensure high performance.

PROBEGIN team includes highly skilled Technical Engineers, multilingual Validation Specialists, Software and Mobile App Developers, as well as Quality Assurance Engineers, DevOps professionals, Mobile App Developers, Business Analysts, Agile/Scrum Masters, Marketeers and UI/UX designers.

Getting Started

Casual working company

We don’t have a β€˜one shoe fits all’ approach. Your company is unique and we believe that our way of servicing you should be just as unique as it can be and perfectly fitting to your business.

After you contact us, we analyze your requirements and business structure to offer you the best solution: dedicated team, on-site talents relocation or custom software development. Our project managers help you to plan the delivery and estimate the cost of your team or application. Let’s talk!

Can’t find the answer to your question? Our experts are here to help!

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