Nearshore Software Development

With over decade’s experience in outsourcing software development services, we find talents and create nearshore dedicated teams that work on innovative software delivery.

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Nearshore dedicated teams

Your success is our success. By delivering skilled professionals for your projects as an addition to your in-house technology staff, we help you to get and stay ahead of your competitors.

Together with your employees, the remote team will create a software product from the scratch to release, or implement certain development parts. Being under your management and supervision our engineers will help to create the product architecture, logic, UI/UX, develop a solution and ensure it’s quality.

dedicated Software development

Smart management

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You manage your nearshore team together with
the in-house staff, setting tasks and priorities,
fully controlling product development.

Our Agile Manager helps you to facilitate the cooperation and communication between teams. We take care of all administration issues and technical infrastructure of your nearshore team, which works in our delivery center in Lviv, Ukraine. We also professionally develop our specialists, inspiring them to continuously improve their technical, interpersonal and cooperative skills, to benefit your organization.

How does it work?

agile management
Creating a plan

First our nearshore development team gets to know your project objective, requirements, deliverables and scheduling. Than we agree on communication and reporting. The project is usually managed by a responsible person from your side which sets tasks and controls milestones. To make sure your project delivery is Agile, we can assign you a SCRUM Master.


Based on your needs, the nearshore team can consist of developers with different skills and expertise. The development is controlled by your Project Management, who communicates daily with nearshore engineers and controls delivery. Your remote team works from our office in Lviv. You can see task progress in online software, for example Jira, as well as commits in Github and Bitbucket.

Testing and QA

Quality Assurance is really important; nearshore development teams usually include QA Engineers. They test features, making sure everything works properly and there are no bugs. QA experts also verify that the software meets the defined quality standards or customer agreements. They work closely both with your in-house programmers and with nearshore developers.

Which professionals can we get?

PROBEGIN is a software development outsourcing company, that proved to be a reliable partner in delivering full-cycle services in a variety of technology stacks and industry domains. Our staff is not only skilled and smart, but enthusiastic, friendly and keen to implement latest technologies into your project.

Our team includes experienced Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, DevOps professionals, Marketing Managers, Validation and Helpdesk Specialists, Agile/Scrum Masters.

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Getting Started

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We don’t have a β€˜one shoe fits all’ approach. Your company is unique and we believe that our way of servicing you should be just as unique as it can be and perfectly fitting to your business.

After you contact us, we analyze your requirements and business structure to offer you the best solution: dedicated team, on-site talents relocation or custom software development. Our project managers help you to plan the delivery and estimate the cost of your team or application. Let’s talk!

Can’t find the answer to your question? Our experts are here to help!

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