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Haters Gonna Hate, Procrastinators Gonna Procrastinate!
According to Wikipedia, procrastination is the habit of postponing necessary and urgent tasks and completing more pleasurable and less important instead. But according to us procrastination is just a habit of destroying your life by your own laziness and idleness.
Interview: I Will Survive!
New hairstyle, the most presentable clothes, brand new shoes and boisterous AC/DC screaming “Are you ready?” in the headphones – you are heading for an interview. And somewhere in a cozy office someone’s waiting for you to come, checking your CV and hoping to meet a perfect candidate. The success of the interview depends on
Top 5 Must-Read Books for Programmers
One of the most popular activities during cold and long winter evenings is reading. Books are quite a good alternative when you have already watched all the newest movies or there is no mood for skiing. Being a great source of knowledge, well-written books can make you a better conversationalist, wittier co-worker and more valuable
Top 5 Must-Watch Movies for Programmers
Traditionally, it is very difficult to start working in a new year. With all the free time, parties, fireworks and yummies, we feel too frail to dive into the atmosphere of deadlines, managers, clients and morning wake-ups. If you are also in a desperate need of inspiration for a year that starts rolling – check
How to Plan an Upcoming Year
Have you achieved everything you wanted in 2016? No? Oh, sorry, you have two more days. People tend to start a new life from Monday, from a new month. But the greatest start is always planned on the first day of a new year and the greatest deadline, of course, on the 31st of December.
Let’s plan it!
Don’t you think that the importance of planning is a bit exaggerated? Or you have already created your game plan and stick to it daily? Well, you can spend hundreds of hours making a business plan or a detailed strategy for a company and others may think you’re just boiling the ocean, waisting precious time.