On-site DevOps Services

Our DevOps Transformation specialists create alignment and collaboration between Development and Operations to optimize product quality and value delivery.

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Development and operations

Here at PROBEGIN we understand the prime goal of DevOps as establishing a deeply collaborative culture among all parts of IT. Our team includes experienced DevOps specialists which advocate automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction.

This includes building effective and trusted communication and interaction between teams, redesigning processes, changing roles, accountability and rewards to adjust them to customer value. We help to evaluate current capabilities of your company and build a path to release value rapidly and efficiently.

IT validation support

Why do you need DevOps?

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DevOps is an offspring of Agile methodology and resembles Agile methods to greater extent. DevOps transformation helps companies to accelerate delivery process, fasten time to market and improve software quality.

We create dedicated remote teams of professionals which can include developers, designers, operations representatives, QAs and support professionals. Your team works under your supervision together with your in-house professionals and helps to boost the project and make time to the market shorter.

How does it work?

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In the past
  • Team plans the project, no DevOps involved
  • Programmers work on code
  • Deployment and support is done by infrastructure and operations professionals
  • Resolving required multiple requests to different teams
Modern approach
  • Cross-functional team plans a project
  • Programmers work on code
  • The code is tested. Deployed for a small group of users
  • If the code is stable, it is deployed for remaining users. In case of bugs, they are solved

Which professionals can we get?

PROBEGIN team includes experienced DevOps professionals, Agile/Scrum Masters, Business Architects, Product Managers and Business Analysts. Our professionals are not only skilled and smart, but enthusiastic, friendly and keen to implement latest technologies into your project.

Our team also consists of Β Software Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Marketing Managers, Validation and Help Desk Specialists.

Getting Started

Casual working company

We don’t have a β€˜one shoe fits all’ approach.
Your company is unique and we believe that our way of servicing you should perfectly fit to your business.

After you contact us, we analyze your requirements as well as company structure to offer the best solution. Our project managers help you to estimate project costs and to integrate PROBEGIN talents into your team.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Our experts are here to help!

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