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WHMCS Credit module

We all have it sometimes, an unhappy client, or a service that didn’t go as planned. This often results in refunding an invoice. WHMCS functionalities offer to cancel an invoice, though sometimes this is not enough due to legal agreements in some countries. WHMCS Credit Module offers you to create a Credit Invoice and keep the original invoice as well!

With a user friendly interface in WHMCS Credit Module will allow you to browse and select an invoice that you want to refund. You can choose between 3 options to go through the payment: refund with other unpaid invoices, credit, or do it manually. No more missing invoices and go for a perfect accurate administration!

€99,-Order now
Updates €29,- yearly
WHMCS Credit Module gives you an opportunity to:
  • Create credit invoices offhand
  • Keep track of the credited invoices
  • Search through the invoices and manage them accordingly
  • Get an administration right
  • Choose how to refund: Unpaid invoices, Credit or Manually
  • Compatible with WHMCS 6.x.x and 7.x.x