Compatible with

WHMCS 6 and 7

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Advanced Auto Login
WHMCS Module
Keep making payments easier for your business and your clients: with the WHMCS Advanced Auto Login module your client is automatically logs in to your client portal with a link in the email or invoice! The call for action you need to make a payments process more efficient.
Advanced Invoice Template
WHMCS Module
This innovative WHMCS Advanced Invoice Template is a leap forward in invoice generation. Not only is it fully aligned with your corporate identity, SEPA-ready, and multilingual, but it also takes into consideration all current VAT rules. Bill your clients with no hustle!
Credit module
WHMCS Module
We all have it sometimes, an unhappy client, or a service that didn’t go as planned. This often results in refunding an invoice. WHMCS functionalities offer to cancel an invoice, though sometimes this is not enough due to legal agreements in some countries. WHMCS Credit Module offers you to create a Credit Invoice and keep the original invoice as well!
Direct Debit
WHMCS Module
Always wanted to give your clients the option to pay automatically, but it’s too much of a struggle for your company? We found the solution with WHMCS Direct Debit, which allows you to offer a automatic payment without the struggle.
Domain Checker 2.0
WHMCS Module
WHMCS Domain Checker 2.0 enables you to: Receive orders faster with an easy layout for your clients Fast search results for each domain available around the world wide web Set your companies 15 best selling domains on top, to make the search easier for your clients Order will automatically be translated to your WHMCS installation
Exact Online Sales integration
WHMCS Module
To overcome WHMCS Exact Online hustle, we invented the WHMCS Exact Online Sales Integration module for you to simply synchronize sales invoices with correct ledger of your Exact Online account. The module’s easy to navigate interface only helps to save your time and accounting fees.
Exact Online Sales & Purchase integration
WHMCS Module
Keeping track of your Sales and Purchases in WHMCS and Exact Online? Yes, it’s possible! Thanks to our new upgraded WHMCS Exact Online Sales & Purchase Integration module. It provides a complete and user-friendly option to archive all your invoices within WHMCS as well as synchronises with your Exact Online account.
WHMCS Module
With this WHMCS iContract module you can effortlessly upload your customer’s and product’s details later tailored into a legal contract designed as you see fit. For each service you can create an email template with the contract and general conditions attached. Easily manage your contracts through the archives.
WHMCS Module
Is it difficult to create a quote in your business’ corporate identity? Not with WHMCS iQuote! Create your quotation styling with ease: upload your logo, footer image/information and autograph to make the perfect reflection of your business.