Software QA and Testing

We help our clients to reduce downtime costs by delivering outsourced quality assurance services, performed by highly skilled accredited engineers covering test design and documentation, functional and non-functional testing and test automation.

Quality systems testing

Quality software delivery

At PROBEGIN we strongly believe that quality assurance engineers should test the solution on every stage of the development, making sure all requirements are met. This helps to significantly reduce downtime costs and flexibly adjust tools and features if needed.

With a flexible and managed approach, we help with Dedicated QA teams or Testing as a Service, making sure our t partners are Agile and Lean and able to focus on strategic goals.

QA testing

Testing on all stages

Testing software

Together we discuss the functionality for testing, define quality assurance activities to be performed and set KPIs. After identifying testing activities, our QA engineers start working, updating you regularly with status reports.

With our Agile approach we deliver results by priority, providing you with a detailed list of bugs and their severity. Daily stand-ups enable transparency, prevent misunderstanding and make sure expectations are clear for all team members involved.

Will outsource work for you?

Quality assurance testing

The collaboration with each new client starts with the on-boarding period (1-3 weeks). Our project manager contacts your representatives and together we determine project goals and priorities. We analyze your business processes and in-house staff structure to define solution requirements.


Then we discuss operational details, such as project roadmap, sprint duration, mutual meetings, reports, demos and the Definition of Done. We involve QA Engineers into your project development from the very beginning to assure fast delivery and highest quality of the software.


QA synchronize with the development team, optimizing efforts and prioritizing tasks, using modern software development tools. We deliver features one by one based on priority, so you can check and modify the development process.

Which professionals can we get?

Our Quality Assurance Engineers have impressive expertise in test design and documentation, functional and nonfunctional testing and test automation.

PROBEGIN team includes highly skilled testers for mid- and long-term engagements, ready to contribute to successful development and quality assessment. We have also experienced Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, DevOps professionals, Marketing Managers, Validation and Help Desk Specialists, Agile/Scrum Masters.

Dedicated software team

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