Cofra Boskalis

PROBEGIN helped Cofra, a civil engineering contracting company, to automate operations, storage inventory database and purchasing processes.

Boskalis Logistic software
Cofra needed a dynamic system to automate the storage workflow and make operations more efficient. In particular the system had to contain data on equipment and vehicles available, instruments rented, clients and terms.

The new software also had to automate storage management by sending reminders to employees when the inventory stock is running low, forwarding computerized purchase requests to suppliers and generating invoices.

Features delivered one by one

Cofra WHMCS logistic system
After discussing all needs and requirements with Cofra representatives, PROBEGIN developers created an easy to use WHMCS module, containing information on projects, products and materials as well as on suppliers.

PROBEGIN also coded a program for inventory scanners that are synchronized with the software. The team used the Agile approach, delivering features to Cofra one by one, constantly improving the software and adding new tools.

Cofra android scanner

Project goals implemented

boskalis WHMCS case

PROBEGIN developers helped Cofra to automate operations, project workflow, inventory database and purchasing processes.

The module keeps track of resources and equipment available, the stockpile, sends purchase orders for inventory by default when scheduled and makes sure that delivery is made on time. Based on WHMCS,the system will help employees to perform their duties easier and faster, automating routine tasks, enabling to devote more time to important duties instead. The new software helps Cofra to operate smoother and efficient.

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