Resello is a user-friendly hosting and domain provider with offices in the Netherlands, China and Russia.

Business analysis project
To expand the reach and to increase the number of clients, Resello asked PROBEGIN to simplify the process of requesting and purchasing domains and hosting and to make it easier for customers.

The cooperation started as a custom project development and transformed into the team-as-a-service format. Skilled PROBEGIN developers started to work on software delivery together with Resello in-house programmers.

WHMCS and dedicated team

Cloud software solutions
WHMCS Development Specialist and two Functional Designers started developing the module. The cooperation was so effective, that the team grew bigger.

A nearshore development team for Resello was established in PROBEGIN to work together with Dutch in-house staff on company projects. It is managed by Resello representatives, which set tasks and control software delivery.

custom WHMCS product development

How does it work

Payment gateway safety

With only few hours of travel between Netherlands and Ukraine, PROBEGIN engineers visited Dutch office several times and Resello representatives often came to Lviv delivery center.

For better cooperation and connection a TV bridge was set between offices, so both teams could see each other on screens during working hours. Daily stand-ups were held in the morning to set and discuss tasks. The delivery was led by Resello Project Manager.

What clients say

PROBEGIN engineers are truly WHMCS experts. Resello needed an exclusive domain plugin that provides superb integration for WHMCS with our professional domain management system. The goal was to design the best solution known to the industry and they nailed it!

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