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Bukovel dedicated teambuilding nearshore

What can be better for creating connections with the remote team, than going on a trip together? At PROBEGIN we arrange team bonding trips every 6 months. Client representatives spend time with PROBEGIN engineers, having fun and enjoying nature and sport activities.

This helps to build a friendship and work more effectively on the project together. this February we had a winter trip to Bukovel in the Carpathian mountains.

Getting to know each other

Quality assurance testing

The trip started with an informal dinner at PROBEGIN office, known as a Casual Friday. Getting to know each other improves communication, and helps to get ready for the company trip.

PROBEGIN loaded up the bus with skiing stuff, and made sure there are enough snacks and drinks to enjoy during the drive to the Carpathians.

Casual friday teambuilding

Building connections in Bukovel

Nearshore teambuilding

Bukovel met us with snowy mountains and fresh air. We spent a night at the hotel and were ready for skiing, snowboarding and adventures. Having time together is fun, but is also good for establishing connections.

The biggest challenge of working with dedicated teams is to build communication between the in-house staff and remote engineers and to create the understanding of one common goal. Teambuilding trips are very effective in breaking the ice and setting a friendship.

PROBEGIN clients and team stayed in Bukovel for the full weekend, teambuilding, enjoying mountains, sports activities and local food. In addition to skiing and snowboarding the team went snowtubing and skating.

Coming back to Delivery office in Lviv late night everybody felt tired, but happy and satisfied. Monday clients spent working with their dedicated team members, communicating on projects, discussing future tasks and challenges. The next PROBEGIN teambuilding trip will be held in summer.

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