Our developers create apps for any type of Android devices such as smartphones, tablets or wearables.

Android technology applications

Why use Android

Our dedicated Android design and development PROBEGIN team helps you bring groundbreaking apps ideas from concept to Google Play Store and doing it with unique UI/UX design.

At PROBEGIN, our highly skilled team of Android developers provides you great technology support, giving your app the maximum value in terms of revenue, user acquisition and brand awareness. Taking into account users’ needs and rapidly changing technologies, our mobile development is for any user, any platform and any industry.

Android software development

Mobile android applications


Easy Customization

Android makes available for use flexibility with easy customization alternatives; it is designed to present diverse business demands. Our experienced developers are able to make apps with various functionalities, offering versatility to integrate data management functions, multimedia and communication tools with an easy way of updating.



It is always important to develop an impactful and attractive mobile app in order to gain perfect traction from the users. PROBEGIN invests time in color scheme, content placing, icon and every other detail which would turn your app into a visual appeal.


Information Security

Android is a highly secure platform where apps are safe from malware which can trace data organization. At PROBEGIN, a cornerstone is respect for intellectual property rights.


Hardware Compatibility

Android is a greatly regarded platform due to its easy development as well as market perpetuation. It can run successfully a cross a variety of mobile devices. Irrespectively what devices are used, the greatest performance level is provided.

Technologies we use

Android studio software

Android Studio provides the fastest tools and a unified environment for building apps on every type of Android device such as Android phones, tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto. In order to build unique and high quality apps, it offers you rich code editing, debugging, flexible build system and profiling tools.

SQL lite software

SQLite database gives you the possibility to create, delete, execute SQL commands and perform other common database management tasks. Using an SQLite database in Android does not require a setup procedure or administration of the database, because it is a built-in library to the platform. SQLite supports all the relational database features.

kotlin software development

Kotlin is a perfect fit for Android apps, bringing all of the benefits of a modern language to the Android platform. Being as fast as an equivalent Java one and compatible with JDK 6, Kotlin applications can run on older Android devices without any issues. The tooling is supported in Android Studio and compatible with the Android build system.

Success stories

Resello Nearshore Dedicated Team

The cooperation started as custom WHMCS OX module development and grew into a team-as-a-service. PROBEGIN developers worked together with Dutch in-house staff on hosting solution features development and support.

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