We help our partners to increase enterprise productivity and efficiency by delivering robust, scalable, securely coded solutions, based on Java.

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Why use Java

Java offers advanced stability and cross-platform functionality, making it the ideal technology for outsourcing projects.

PROBEGIN team includes a division of enthusiastic, motivated Java developers,senior architects and analysts, experienced in designing high-quality, fault-tolerant applications, constantly looking for new trends and best industry practices. We provide a full range of Java software development services for outsource, using latest technology and Agile development methodology, that helps us to enhance productivity and maximize performance as well as to provide an open and constant communication

Java software technology

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Java is very portable and is excellent for developing cross-platform applications as well as cloud solutions, as it is universally supported by cloud APIs.



Java puts a lot of emphasis on early checking for possible errors, as Java compilers are able to detect many problems that would first show up during execution time in other languages.



Java is dynamic and extensible. Instead of being a monolithic block of code it is an interacting collection of independent software components.



Java considers security as part of its design. No other platform can make security guarantees nearly as strong as those Java makes.

Technologies we use

Spring framework

Spring is one of the best Java frameworks with enhanced modularity to improve readability of code, simplified injection to test data through POJOs, loose coupling among different modules and flexible use of DI (Dependency Injection).

Struts framework

Struts is a web development framework, a set of interfaces and classes that cooperate to solve the problems of a particular type. It allows modular development and integration with additional components and can create dynamic responses.

GWT software framework

GWT enables web developers to maintain and create complex JavaScript front-end applications. It is great for creating significantly responsive web applications with heavy lifting on client-side and decreased load on server-side.

Success stories

Resello Nearshore Dedicated Team

The cooperation started as custom WHMCS OX module development and grew into a team-as-a-service. PROBEGIN developers worked together with Dutch in-house staff on hosting solution features development and support.

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