With Ruby and Ruby on Rails we create productive and compelling applications and serve as an experienced software outsourcing provider.

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Why use Ruby

Ruby is an open source dynamic programming language, known for its simplicity and productivity, especially in web programming. Ruby elegant syntax is natural and easy to read and write.

Ruby on Rails web-application framework, widely used to create web applications that run on a web server, has become the most popular open-source platform for application design today. To accommodate this rise in demand, PROBEGIN software development company has built a team of highly specialized Ruby on Rails developers ready to apply their expertise to your project regardless of size, scope, or complexity.

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Perfect for web

Ruby and Ruby on Rails are absolutely perfect for building web applications. You can get a working prototype up and running very quickly. It is easy in Ruby to make the feasibility check of the project, to fix cracks and the direction of web application.


Short development time

Ruby and Ruby on Rails is highly adaptive, enabling developers to explore and research multiple programming prototypes. This leads to significant Ruby on Rails development services time savings, helping to keep costs low.


Simple to customize

Wide variety of Ruby and RoR plug-ins and gems are available for free, allowing extra functionality and extensive customization to final web page or application.


Easy to test

The Ruby community is big in testing and test automation. This helps in delivering good quality software and is one of the reason the Ruby libraries are so great.

Technologies we use

Ruby rails framework

Ruby on Rails is a very popular framework, used for development of e-commerce, service and platform brand websites. RoR works best for long-lasting and dynamic website projects with rich functionality and modifications in a project.

Sinatra framework

Sinatra is designed as a library for listening for and responding to HTTP calls from the server side and is a perfect fit for small micro apps or APIs. This framework is known for stability, as it rarely changes. You own your code and decide when it should change.

padrino framework

Padrino framework is built on Sinatra web library with a lot of enhancements. It enables making sub-applications containing domain-specific functionality, and sharing them across the entire web project.

Success stories

Resello Nearshore Dedicated Team

The cooperation started as custom WHMCS OX module development and grew into a team-as-a-service. PROBEGIN developers worked together with Dutch in-house staff on hosting solution features development and support.

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